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Occupational therapy jobs (Doha)


We have just registered with the site and would like some advice please?

We are a married couple (Nick & Shirleyann Blackburn) living in the UK
with no children and would like to work in Qatar as we have family
members (Shirleyann's Sister and husband) living and working in Doha.

They have suggested that it would be a good place for us to work as
the economic recession in the UK is making it very hard for Nick to
find employment in the area he is interested in which is I.T.
Shirleyann is a Qualified Paediatric Occupational Therapist with 12
years of experience and would like to seek work in Qatar with a
similar position.

Nick will need to seek employment in I.T. but could someone
outline how we would go about the process of applying for employment
with regards to what licenses Shirleyann will need to practice in Qatar?

Thanks very much,

Nick & Shirleyann Blackburn

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