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Our Events @ Society Lounge (Doha)

Dear all

Having had the event advertised for over 10 days now, I am having to close the guest list for the following reasons:

- The venue management restricted the number of guests for this event due to heavy demand the hotel customers on this venue.
- the new design of the venue has resulted in difficulty in assigning designated space for InterNations members.
- new restrictions on gender mix (they wanted a balance between males and females and after many arguments, they decided to honor this event and then discuss future cooperation between us and them).
- the venue wanted everyone to purchase a membership card (again after many arguments, we will hold this event without a membership card but any future events at society lounge will require you to be a member at the club and to pay for a yearly membership card. )

I would like all who accepted the invitation to please make sure the dress code is smart elegant and to bring a valid Qatar ID or original passport and we need to encourage our female members to participate as most of the Doha venues are moving in this direction, gender balance at venues, please encourage your female friends and members to join us as I am struggling to secure good venues in town).

Thank you

Mark Thomson

Doha Forum