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Our October Fest Event Feedback (Doha)

Dear friends,

Following last night's event, I came home and wrote to everyone thanking them for attending what I thought was a great event, posted the event photos and having been working on organizing the next event, I managed to arrange it and get the go ahead with the General manager of Sharq Village while at last night's event.

This morning I received some feedback from a few people who basically laid into me in a personal manner, some complained about how un German this event was and how it is much better in Germany, they complained about the heat, food, prices and one even said that she was cheated and lost her time and money.

Frankly, I am tired of this, I had been working with the Grand Hyatt for weeks to produce the event in the best possible way givin the circumstances and the fact that we live in a middle eastern country with rules and regulations that prohibit some of the activities we wanted to have in place e.g. a German band was not allowed to come and be at the event. The Grand Hyatt invited a German Chef from Germany and I thought he and his crew did a great job.

As you know, I always try to be balanced and diplomatic, but I have to say, I really am tired of some people who expect the world from their experience and moan monan and moan.

The DJ was playing some German Music and no one was moving and we decided to change the music based on many requests and then the party atmosphere kicked in and people were dancing the night away, I realize that I cant please everyone, since there are so many different ideas of what is fun, and always willing to listen to feedback and opinions, however, when things get personal, and I am accused of cheating people, I will not tolerate this and will not accept it, and frankly, if those people do not feel that they are getting what they want, well, the can just go elsewhere.

let us be realistic and have realistic expectations of where we live and work and let us be supportive.

Please feel free to express your opinions

Thank you

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