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Pet sitting In Doha

I take care of you!, SERVICE AND PET CARE* Dogs, Cats , Birds..
How the service works ?
Your pet stays at home alone, and I am going to take care of their needs such as food, clean and most importantly their needs of companionship and love.
In case you would wish, I will take the dog outside for a daily walk as many times your pet needs .
I will take care of feeding, washing their bowls , change their water and sand (cats ) and in some cases check for the mess your pet can do. I also will check for their safety. Check everything at home is in order, send a report to the owner, accompanied by photograph, date and time of the visit .I can also water the plants. I will go to the veterinary if necessary.If you need to take care of your pet, because you have to travel for work , vacation or personal reasons ,
also the months of June, July and August '16 .
Do not hesitate to contact me and ask the questions you need.
 I adjust to your needs and that of your pet.Care Area: The Pearl,
West Bay, ZigZag Tower, Al Duhail.
Email: Protected content

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