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Preparing for upcoming move to Doha

Hi everyone,

I'm currently living in Hong Kong and will be moving to Doha around the month of December with my husband. He has secured a job for Qatar Airways and I assume I will obtain a dependant/spouse visa to legally reside in the country. I do want to find a job as soon as possible and have a few questions for you:

1- Do I need to be sponsored by a company to have a working visa or am I allowed to legally work under a spouse/dependant visa ? (This is the case in Hong Kong)

2- Is it relatively "easy" to find work as an expat woman in Doha? I'm in the creative field (Graphic - product - fashion design) and also do translation work in various languages + yoga teaching.

3- What is the daily life in Doha of an expat woman who doesn't work (and doesn't have kids!!!) ? I assume it would become very boring unless there are a lot of cultural activities, general entertainment, sports, shopping etc. available.

4- What is the acceptable & proper clothing attire for an expat woman?

Thank you so much in advance for your answers! All tips/ extra useful info will be appreciated.



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