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**Relocating to Qatar in time for the Summer fun!* (Doha)


So I have recently accepted an assignment moving to Doha from Houston starting ASAP (Just in time to enjoy Ramadan), and I have a few questions before I head over. Im not new to GCC living, but my last assignment was in Saudi 10 yrs ago and I may have some mis guided perceptions about life in Qatar.

1. I am allowed to bring a 20ft or 40ft storage container as part of my moving package. Are there any things I should be bringing with me that are difficult to find over there? How long does it typically take to clear customs? I have heard to avoid shipping things in the summer as the items just bake on the ship and then in the port. Does any one have experience? Should I wait till after Ramadan to ship my stuff? What kind of things should I avoid bringing( I have heard horror stories of item being broken, family pictures being blacked out with markers, and long waits at customs house) Has any one had similar experiences?

2. I have lots of nice electronics (TV, Wine Fridge, Stereo, Cooking appliances, Power tools) Should I purchase power converters in the US or are they available locally? Does anyone have a reccomendations as to a brand that is good? Should I even bother with the electronics?

3. My company has given me the choice of living at the Beverly Hills Al Ryan Villas, or the Beverly Hills highrise Apartments, my wife and I like to BBQ and enjoy outdoor living and a Garden, so we are leaning towards the villas. Does any one have experience here? Are there any stores where you can buy Gardening items and plants?

4. My wife will be joining me likely when our house sells in the US and will probably want to find work. How difficult is it for a woman US Expat to find work? She only speaks English, has 10 years of Experience in the Oil and Gas industry as a Land/Legal Technician and a degree in Business. Are there good oportunities for a lady with these qualifications, or is the market flooded with other qualified canidates?

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience with us and I look forward to being neighbors...

John L Daniels

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