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Safety in Doha-gang behavior


Hi all,

i thought Doha is very safe, just 20 minutes back, i had an incident right in front of my office on Grand hamad street, i was walking back from gold souk and this was the corner on the front gate of al rayan building, there was a group of south east asian guys and one guy tried to tackle me with his leg and make me fall, i dodged and than these guys stopped/started staring at me at me as if they Protected content were going to attack, i think they were drunk,i ignored started walking ahead fast.
i looked around to see if there was any police but there was no one.
i walk on this road everyday and this has never happened.
when i told about this incident to hotel staff, they also told me that it was unheard of.
has anyone faced such a thing, i arrived here only 2 weeks back.

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