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Salary Question - German Expat (Doha)

Hi everyone,

I am 30 yrs old with 7 yrs of experience in telecomm engineering and living in Germany. I have received the following offer in Qatar for a senior engineer position:

Basic Salary
QAR 19,745

Housing(Single Status)
QAR 8,000

QAR 2,000

Communication Allowance
QAR 750

Total of Monthly Compensation Cash Components
QAR 30,495

In addition - non-monthly cash components :

Furniture Grant(for 4 years; amortized @ 40% for the first year & 20% for the next 3 years) QR 25,000 onetime payment after probation period
QAR 520.83 per month
QAR 6,249.99
End of Service Benefit(Gratuity) for every completed year(one month basic salary)
QAR 1,645.41

Is this a good offer? I am worried about the housing allowance as I may get married soon but they refuse to change the allowance if my marital status changes. How can I start the negotiation. I really appreciate your help ..Thanks

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