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Scottie is getting returned :( (Doha)


Hey guys,

Sorry to post this yet AGAIN, but I just got word that Scottie dog is being returned to me. He went to a nice Phillippino couple last week and I thought he was doing perfectly, but she says most of her co-workers are afraid of him. He is very attached to her, and to women in general because of me, and sometimes appears that he is mean because he raises the hair on his back and barks at strangers, but he's not aggressive at all and has never attacked/bitten anyone. He's just a good guard dog. But he's not that big, only 17kg, so he's really not scary! He's a total sweetheart, and really needs someone to have a FIRM hand with him and his training. He is already potty trained, crate trained, knows basic commands, neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations. If anyone out there can help me with this dog, please please let me know. There's just no way I can take him back at this point because my cat is SO happy without him here, and I'm leaving for holiday on Sunday. Plus, it would be very detrimental to him to keep coming back to me and then get sent to a new family...better he goes straight from one to the other, or else he will relapse back into his old habits with me and then it will be too hard to make him adjust again. This lady is in Doha, and I am not, so if anyone is interested in him or knows someone who might be...even just to foster the little booger while I'm on holiday for 10 days, I would be GREATLY appreciative. I can give you the number of the lady that has him now so you can go meet him a little closer than where I am at...thanks so much to everyone.


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