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Self employed question (Doha)

Hi, my wife is looking at a position in Doha and I and our kids would be coming along. I currently am self-employed (working from home) as a consultant for aerospace and communications companies.

I am hoping to continue what I am doing for my US clients, but from Qatar via phone and email. From my clients perspective it is no problem, and they would pay me via my US bank account just as they do now.

I'm wondering if I can simply come over and work from my new home, with an email account and a phone line, without doing anything "official" given that no funds would be coming into Qatar as payment it would all stay Stateside? Or do I need some sort of sponsorship or other licensing to be able to do this? I would have family sponsorship already via my wife, but as I understand it husbands sponsored by their wives don't have the right to work the same way that wives sponsored by their husbands do.

If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thanks.

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