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Shipping Companies in Qatar (Doha)

Agape International Logistics Qatar Co.W.L.L

I wish to warn people about this shipping company. My nightmare with this company began in July.

Nixon Chacko came to my home in Qatar during June Protected content give 3 quotations for my 2 shipments, one with 17 boxes to Cape Town, South Africa and one with 2 boxes to Shenzhen, China, and my sister’s shipment to Ras Al Khaima, UAE. Delivery time promised, 4 working days.

We were told that they would supply boxes and bubble-wrap my Samsung TV. Whilst packing we ran out of boxes and phoned to get more, problems started here. On the day of collection people who could not speak a word of English and without company overalls arrived without bubble-wrap and the promised extra boxes. I wrapped my TV with an extra duvet.
On the day of your departure from Qatar Nixon finally arrived with the 2 promised boxes and to collect his money.

Cape Town delivery:
After many e-mails and phone calls to enquire about my shipment, the airway bill number I managed to get a tracking number from Cape Town customs; my shipment was in Istanbul, Turkey. I phoned Nixon to ask about the delivery date and I was told by him that my shipment was already in Cape Town, clearly a lie. When my shipment finally arrived in Cape Town, a week later and 5 weeks after my departure from Qatar, I was told by the delivery company in Cape Town that Nixon did not pay them. Many e-mails and phone calls to Nixon was replied to with and lies, lies and more lies. It took almost weeks to transfer money to the company in South Africa! It took 6 weeks to get this shipment from Qatar to my house in Cape Town!

Ras Al Khaima delivery:
I don’t have all the details of the timeline, but all I can say on behalf of my sister is that this was a nightmare experience. She paid for air shipping and the shipment arrived on a truck all the way from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia. Boxes were damaged by water, this clearly happened in the storage facility in Qatar, and some of the damaged boxes were open. Clothes that were in the damaged boxes were completely ruined and was thrown away. A number of Items were also stolen. The total amount of damage was about Protected content ! Agape/Nixon would not compensate her for the loss and simply said they have never has such a problem and they don’t know how this happened.

Shenzhen delivery:
On the day when Nixon came to give a quotation he said that he had an agent here in Shenzhen. I e-mailed Nixon during the last week of October Protected content asked him to send my 2 boxes. After 3 weeks I asked for the airway bill number and nothing came. Many e-mails later and no action, finally got an e-mail and Nixon said that there is a problem with customs. A few e-mails later and I got the contact number of the so called agent in Shenzhen. I phoned this so-called agent and he said that he got an e-mail from Nixon a week earlier but told him that he does not do personal effects. Nixon clearly lied about having an agent here. I managed to find a company who would help me and decided to e-mail their details to Nixon. Many e-mails were exchanged and my shipment finally arrived in China 6 weeks after my request. Nixon told this company that he would not pay them because they are too expensive. I paid Nixon for door-to-door delivery and now I am left here in China to arrange delivery and customs fees.

Stay far away from this company! After they have taken your money, you will have endless stress.

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