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Some advice please, locations to live/avoid (Doha)

I know, you ask a hundred people and you get a hundred different answers, but hey, any advice is good advice. So, newly arrived in Doha, here for years and for the next 18 months, am living alone until the family join me. Currently in the pit of despair (I believe it is formally known as The Ezdan) and am looking to move out into a place of my own. As I have the joys of a six day week, I am not spending a huge amount of time there but I want to find a pleasant area. I currently work at Al Salata for the bulk of the time, until the mall I am running starts to take on it's finished look, but that is late Protected content .

So, after much preamble, areas to avoid, areas to aim for? I am a man of simple means, somewhere where I can ride a bicycle or at least throw it in a car and go someplace safe. It would be too much to ask that it is located next to comedy club, I can but dream. Other than that, amaze me InterNation fellow members, let's have your wise and sagely advice. Thanks in anticipation......

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