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Some honest words (Doha)

Dear all,
I had given this allot of thought before I decided to go ahead and write the following due to the sensitive nature of the subject, please read it with an open mind and understand that my only purpose is to improve the InterNations Experience for all.
Over the past few months I have had several complaints from female members with regards to unwanted male attention, twinkle overload, rude comments and aggressive pursuing and in some cases, outright stalking on the part of some irresponsible few who are not really interested in networking, making friends or being a part of this friendly, professional community and who tend to use the internations platform as they would do with a dating website, and while InterNations and myself are not a moral Authority on people behavior, we feel that we have a moral responsibility towards our female members who view Internations as a safe haven for safe Interaction with likeminded professionals who are expected to show them respect and not harassing them for dates, phone numbers sending inappropriate messages.
I now would like to ask those members to adhere to the rules of engagement here and let’s go back to basics, mutual respect being the most important along with your understanding of the principals of social networking under the banner of InterNations and the Doha Community. I would also like to ask our female members to use the REPORT ABUSE function should they be subjected to such behavior from the very few individuals who seem to be stepping out of line and we promise that action will be taken against such individuals immediately.
I would like to take this opportunity to say that the vast majority of our Doha members are great people and I thank them for enriching the Doha community with their positivity, friendliness and support.

Thank you

Mark Thomson

Doha Forum