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To all Doha InterNations members

Dear all,

I had wanted to share some thoughts with you all for a while with regards to the whole Intenations experience from a member’s perspective and how we might drive it forward in order for this experience to yield added value to our lives here in Doha.
The main principal of internations is simple and straight forward:
InterNations was founded to make it easier for expatriates to fit in with their new surroundings by meeting other like-minded individuals and by exchanging information with them. InterNations’ s vision is to become the platform for international exchange.
Internations provide a perfect platform for people like you and I to quickly fit in within their new social, and cultural environment, which in turn positively impacts the working and living environments for most people, especially those who are new to the expatriate life and in addition to this it offers you the opportunities to expand your social network, both locally and internationally.
Just Imagine this:

- You know your favorite restaurant manager and you can call them anytime to book your usual table by the pool.
- You know the best school teachers and headmasters and you can pull in favors for your kids
- You know the HR director of your dream company and they have met you in an InterNations event and when you applied for a job, they knew exactly who you were and were happy to interview you.
- You have the phone number of the head of Qatar Airways and you can call them when you need that all important booking to go home.
- You had Lunch with the a Qatar Government Minster/General manager/Director and discussed a business deal after connecting with them on Internations
The possibilities are endless when you open your mind and your heart up for other people, for communicating with people, for engaging in conversation with people, for discovery and experience.
It is up to you how rich your life can become in your local environment, it is up to you how socially involved you can be and it is also up to you how lonely and isolated you can end up being. And although Internations is not the only path for social enriching your life and blissing it with great people around you, but it is indeed a great tool and I would now like to ask you to get involved.

Let’s make the Doha InterNations community a vibrant one
Let’s call our friends and ask them to register and join the fun
Let’s Make it to the monthly event and lets organize smaller events
Let’s go to dinners, sporting matches, beach trips, Cinemas and cafes with people we enjoy.
Let’s involve our Qatari hosts and make them a part of what we do

Final Note:

We are all equal, however, we are also all equally different , we can’t please all the [people all the time but if we keep an open mind and tolerate each other, embrace our differences, we might just be healthy on the inside.

See you at the March Event and lets hope Protected content will come this time

Thank you

Mark Thomson

Doha Forum