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Walk the Rescued Shelter Dogs...Friday (Doha)

PLEASE READ! We desperately need your help!!!

I have approval to lead our Internations group in walking the dogs on Fridays...and just for our team. 2nd Chance is not open to the public, and it makes for such a pleasant experience in the beautiful countryside with the animals and nature. And we NEED YOUR HELP!

Please sign up if you can join us in walking the dogs this week!
Remember: IF your plans change, cancel your registration...please.
Contact me if you have any questions.

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If you need a map to 2nd Chance Rescue, send me your EMAIL.

Ladies...dress conservatively, covering shoulders and knees.
Gentlemen...please dress conservatively with longer shorts or pants.

- If you have a vehicle and can drive, please let ME know. State how many people you can take and what area you are coming from.
- If you need a ride, please post your request in the comments section, and I will help group you together by area. Identify the area where you're located.
- If you already know who lives near you and you will be driving/riding together...Thank You!

- The process: The caretakers will bring dogs out for you to walk; you will then walk them in the designated area; Take them to the pool on the porch when you return; love the dogs for a short while; Give the dog back to the caretaker. REPEAT! as many times as you can/want.

If you can and want, please bring a bag of dog food (we usually bring Purina or Dog Chow). It is very costly for the shelter to feed Protected content every day, so it is a tremendous help to them if we donate food whenever you can. FYI if you don't want to take food, you may donate toward the food at:
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Only Protected content will feed a shelter dog. You can donate for one month or many. Thank you for helping in whatever way!

Volunteers are always asking if they can bring their pet along. NO, you cannot.
REASON: Many, but primarily for health and safety reasons, of your pet and the shelter dogs. In addition, the only time these animals have a significant opportunity for human bonding is when we go to spend time and walk with them. It's important for us to focus on the shelter dogs. It's really all about the love and care of both animals.
FYI: In case you didn't know, there is a pet group in Internations for those of you who may want to walk your dog.

Look forward to Meeting/Seeing you on FRIDAY!

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