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Life in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

Hello all,
I am interested in getting a very honest opinion about life in SD. I have been offered a contract for 2 years with a healthy salary I have never visited DR nor do I have much knowledge about the place other than that I have gathered form the web. I would like to know more about the safety and security at the home and in the streets. Is there any hostility towards expats? Are power outages and water shortages a common and everyday thing? Are things like cholera and dengue fever/malaria quite common and do they cause concern to expats. Is dining in restaurants a problem due to hygiene and cholera? Does SD receive any international tourism or is it all in the beach areas ie Punta Cana? Do most expats hang out together or is it easy to mix and make friends?

I hope this isn't too much to answer and I would love to meet people on line to chat about life in SD. I am very interested in the position but I am concerned about the move after reading articles online. Firsthand experience is always the best.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and the very best for the New Year.


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