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Punta Cana, Puerto Plata or a different location?? (Dominican Republic)

Hi guys!! I would love to get your input on a possible location for our business. I am moving to the DR on Oct. 25th to finally get to be with my husband who is from Santo Domingo and we are going to be opening our business there in the Dominican Republic!! We are beyond excited!!

we are currently trying to decide where we will open our business. we definitely need to be in an area that has a high level of tourism and we need to have easy access to authentic Dominican dance clubs....NOT Americanized clubs playing American music. we are looking to be in an area that has the kind of tourists that comes to the DR ready to spend money, that is a world traveler and interested in learning about the real authentic Dominican culture, music and dance....not the type of to rest 2 is simply looking to get drunk and have a good time so to speak.

We are considering Punta Cana - though i have read that tourists there may fall into the ' get drunk and hace a good time' category though this is hearsay ONLY

Puerto Plata - leaning towards this but of course need to know more

Juan Dolio - Juan Dolio has fallen to the bottom of the list after we were told that there is little tourism there anymore and is more dangerous now than in the past. We had also hoped that the movie studio there had 'caught on' but have been informed that it is not what people thought it would be.

We are looking for a longterm permanent location in an area that is still growing and developing but has a solid tourist flow with high quality resorts as the norm.

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice, input, guidance, ideas you can share with me!! we are most definitely open to other locations than the ones I listed. Thank you so much for your time and input! It will be a huge help to us!!

Thank you again....y saludos!


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