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Where are the majority of Ex-Pats residing? (Dominican Republic)

Planning return to the DR. in Protected content start an American Style Medical practice. Currently I am accumulating medical equipment, electronics as well electronic medical record accounts, websites, domains, credit card accounts for my office. The medical office will be called Expatriate Medical Centre Dominican Republic. offering services in English and Spanish. 1st the office will offer general medical services, but later, I would like to partner with a cosmetic surgeon for medical tourism. I am also looking into purchasing transportation. I plan to purchase my office furniture from Ikea to appear trendy. My major dilemma is where to put the office. Either Puerto Plata, or Santo Domingo. I am leaning toward Puerto Plata due the number of foreign visitors from the US, Canada, UK and Europe. What is your opinion. on where to set up shop. Any advice you can render where to set up shop would be appreciated.

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