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Administrative support (Dortmund)

Hi all.

- Learning german takes times. Even more when speaking English all day long at work and then not practicing enough...
- All administrative documents, various helplines in case of trouble (D-Telekom for example), and other things are rarely available in English...
- Spending hours after long working days to translate received letters to understand what it is about and if you have to act may be annoying...
- Finding how to proceed once you know you have to act with German formulars is not so easy. Especially when processes are a lot different compared to what you are used to...

For these reasons, I'm wondering if a kind of administrative support exists... in English obviously... An alternative would be to get people (student for e.g.) to support ponctually and why not to attend some meetings with organisations (registering for car plates for e.g.), making sure about clear understandings both ways... Should be as well opportunities for them to get a little extra always appreciated...

How did you solved these situation when arriving in a country you don't speak the language ? Am I the only one facing difficulties ?

Your comment or suggestions would be appreciated.


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