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body work sessions/coaching in Dortmund try outs

Hey everyone!

All new in Dortmund!
In time for the beginning of spring, the lighter half of the year, the time when - hopefully, soon - everything will start to grow and blossom again, we, Verena and Victor, are opening our practice as bodyworkers in Dortmund!

On March 25th, you are warmly invited for try-out sessions at a reduced price to get to know us and get a glimpse of our work.

We teach body awareness with the aim of reducing pain and tension to increase quality of life - longterm and in a way that makes you self-reliant after a number of sessions.

We help you change engrained patterns of movement and body position, as well as experiences that are still held in the body. You will get to know yourself better and gain the possibility of finally affecting old symptoms and your experience of your body. This makes our clients feel freer and lighter, and they leave our working table more serene.

So if you have a concrete question, a pain that is keeping you busy for a long time, a lack of flexibility, or sensation, any recurrent sensation that bothers or annoys you (nervousness, anxiety, stress or just plain exhaustion, for example) - then come and see if our work could be a way for you to deal with this differently, to finally make the step you wanted and to gain energy - in time for spring and all the things this year may have in store for you.

You can book your 60min bodywork session for 35,- (instead of 75,-) Euros with Verena or Victor until March 24th.
We have a maximum of 10 places, so get in touch soon.

Write us a pm or a text, or just call directly:

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We're looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you!

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