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Moving from the US to Germany Advice :) (Dortmund)

Hi All,

I hope this is in the right forum section. Perhaps not. I'm looking to move to Germany after graduation for multiple reasons. 1. I have been fascinated with everything German since high school. 2. I think it holds a lot of opportunity for me to continue to do my masters and phD and then find a good job 3. I am intrigued by the German system and it is some place I can see myself having a family there and 4. I'm currently dating a German.

I have a year basically to try and get things in order but I'm at a crossroads in regards to the paperwork and all that's involved. I wanted to take a break before applying to a masters program but how difficult is it as an international coming in to find a decent job? I know they have a thing where Germans and EU citizens are first in line for jobs so I'm worried about that. Would it be better to just apply for schools. I'm not yet fluent enough to do my courses so would they accept me and then allow me to take courses to fix my language deficit? If it makes any difference I am a Biology major and will complete a B.Sc in Biology next year.

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