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Acuma DeVere (Dubai)

A couple of days ago a member posted on this forum touting for business for a so-called financial advisory firm called "Acuma DeVere".

I posted a fairly sharp response, basically suggesting that DeVere's are an insurance sales office where sales staff (grandly called "consultants") are paid on a commission-only basis.

The original poster removed the thread.

The original poster didn't like what I said and contacted me privately. I originally posted her response, but I have edited this post to remove it at the request of the moderators.

I prefer anyway to debate in public, and this is where I will post any further messages I have in this matter.

*** After reading through the thread in its entirety and putting the comments into context, the Quality Assurance Team has decided to edit this post as it does not abide by our Terms & Conditions***

In passing, you might be interested in knowing that DeVere recently had its license suspended in Hong Kong:
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DeVere also left Singapore after it was fined in that jurisdiction:
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