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Advantages of Using Air Cargo Services in Nepal (Dubai)

Air Cargo or air freight is the most expensive form of transport involving the transportation of cargo by air. It is the fastest way to transport cargo. It is often used for high-value and low-volume shipments. Air cargo is shipped through the same gateway as a passenger or commercial airline. The demand for air cargo services in Nepal has increased significantly over the last few years, due to globalization, just-in-time manufacturing, inventory control methods, and the growing requirement of industries of all types for rapid delivery.

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Types of Air Cargo

Air cargo can be classified as general and special cargo.

General cargo

This type of cargo mainly includes premium goods that are fragile in nature such as electronics, Jewellery, and pharmaceuticals. Air cargo is more expensive than shipping by sea or road, but due to the high margins that comes with the sale of these products air cargo is the most apt form of transport.

Special cargo

This type of cargo requires special temperature-controlled conditions and needs to be handled with care for transporting fall into this category.
Some of the cargo types that fall under the special cargo category are:

Temperature Controlled:

Cargo that requires being stored under a certain temperature due to the special nature of the cargo like fruits, vegetables, medicines.

Hazardous Cargo:

Cargoes that are flammable, poisonous, radioactive, explosive are some of the types of cargoes that come under this category. This cargo should be packed properly and loaded in a certain space allocated in the airplane to avoid accidents.


This type of cargo involves shipping of live animals requiring a properly ventilated area and should be placed in suitable carriers that allow their comfortable stay during the flight.
Human Remains, Tissues, and Organs: Transportation of this type of cargo involves special handling, packaging, and temperature control.

Advantages of Air Cargo

· Saves Time

Transporting with air freight saves time as it is much faster than shipping, rail, or road transport.
SLR Shipping is a leading freight forwarding company that provides an efficient and reliable air freight service through its Safe Air network. SLR shipping has a door-to-door pickup and delivery service that is by a dedicated team of specialized air freight experts 24x7. Easy handling of various documentation formalities required for different product categories ensures prioritized and cost-effective movement of cargo.

· Reliable service

Air cargo has reliable arrival and departure times with very few delays, and even missing a flight would not cause much delay as there are usually flights departing every hour.

· Low insurance premium

As the time travel time of the cargo is very short, insurance premiums on air freight are generally lower.

· High level of security

The airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed and also reduces the chance of cargo being stolen or damaged.

· Less warehousing requirements

The clearance time for air freight is fast thus avoiding the need for local warehousing. Customs clearance, cargo inspection, and cargo handlers are more efficient and the cargo is cleared within a matter of hours.

· Less packaging is required

Air shipments require less heavy packing when compared to other modes of cargo transportation. This allows you to save both time and money in providing additional packing.

· Real-time updates of cargo

Not just one air cargo company in Nepal, but many of them provide services through which you can keep track of your cargo, keeping you updated on the status of your cargo from departure to arrival.

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