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The companies listed are into fraudulent activities and spreading their global network by cheating people like me.I spoke to the other 3 victims also and they all shared the painful story.I lost Protected content and the other guys lost Protected content AED, Protected content respectively.The name of the person who runs the company is Liam Clifford,but unfortunately we are unable to submit anything the company given in writing.The life is in serious struggle and I stopped calling my mother cause I know I have to lie if she asks... Friends,I request you guys not to trust on any of these companies cause they are into criminal activities.If you wish to do something like this,always follow the Government websites and related sources.We work for more than 10 to 12 hours everyday to make all our savings and some unethical scammers are stealing it which is totally unacceptable.Please take all the precautions while go for anything like that.

I take this opportunity to thank Irfan Ali who consoled me last night and made me brave enough to fight for my life when I was crying like a 5 year old boy.......Thank You Irfan. Good luck and Prayers

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