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Any gyms in Dubai that are actually not fraud?

I used to go to Fitness First in Media City, then changed to Fedility in Al Mas tower in JLT thinking they are better, just to find out they are all the same type of fraud ...

I'm not against paying premium to get a good service (exercise in the case of a gym), but when paying premium just to be able to use machines and showers then this is top notch fraud in my dictionary!

In my opinion, a gym is where you seek advice and guidance to reach your goals, since machines are easily obtainable and you can have one at home, you can run, walk, left weights and do all sorts of exercises at the comfort of your home or in the park or even the playground next to your building!

So what should be different about a gym?
*** you should have access to professional advice
a. at the beginning, to assess your current situation, set goals and objectives, and put a schedule and an action plan
b. get acquainted to the right way of doing things! as I understood, you can perform an exercise for months in a row getting no results just because you are doing it wrong!
c. keep track of progress and change! you should not keep performing the same exercises the whole time, change is good
d. dietary advice! whether it is to lose or gain weight, lean body, etc. you need professional help to assist you define your dietary habits!

I think when you have around Protected content ( the announced limit on members for some gyms) paying around AED 500.00 per month, you are talking about AED 500,000.00 monthly income, and AED 6,000,000.00 Gross income annually ... can't you Mr./Miss. gym owner have dedicated people that will not ask me to pay AED Protected content session to help me get on the right track?

what do you say?

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