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Any info would be much appreciated (Dubai)

I will be moving to Dubai in a month and would like to get a house/condo before we move. We plan to come for a long weekend and do a major house hunt. Can anyone give me some advice...
Looking for:
-3 bedroom plus maids
-Allows 2 small chihuahuas
-Close to markets, cafes, parks so I can walk and be outside with my 8 month old baby.
-My husband will be working and taking the car to work so I will be on foot until we get a second car if necessary.
-I would love to live near the beach but don't know if that is a reasonable place to live with a family and for 200K budget.
-I heard there is a farmers market on Saturdays, I would love to be walking distance from that type of area (I lived in Los Angeles and I miss that vibe)

Looking for suggestions on complexes and neighborhoods. I have never been to Dubai so Im feeling rather lost and overwhelmed with the decision making process.

Thank you so much in advance for you help.

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