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Attesting / legalising docs for visa / residency (Dubai)

Hi there...

Wondering if anyone has any solid advice on this topic. I'm an Australian going to Dubai to seek out employment in early January.

I heard that I need to get (at least) my university academic transcript to pass through 3 different stages before it will be 'recognised' in UAE.. I found this info about it Protected content

I've done 2 steps of the all the things I need to do for my university degree, so far I've had it NOTARISED by a Notary in Australia, now waiting for the AUTHENTICATION to be done by a government department in Australia called DFAT...

Is it mandatory that I get the 3rd step of getting the document LEGALISED by the the UAE Embassy in Canberra (Australia) also...? Or can I do that step in Dubai??

Reason I ask is, I already leave on 6th January to Dubai and if I do the 3rd step, I would have to pay a lot of money to have the document courier sent to me in Dubai... I also hear that I must get it again stamped by some government department in UAE further to the 3rd step.. So.. I'm confused.

Does anyone have any experience with this who could help me please?

Would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance..


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