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Best area to live in? (Dubai)


Hi my husband and I will be moving to Dubai later this year. Can you tell me which areas you think would be best to live in?
It will be just my husband and I most of the time - and our indoor cat. But during university holidays our 19 year old son will be with us. We tend to be inner city people. We like to be around cafes, restaurants, shops and where there is lots to do.
My husband's office is yet to be set up but we get a say on where that will be.
We are going to be looking for a Protected content place. I don't mind if it is an apartment or villa but we would want an outdoor area to entertain. As for budget - this hasn't been set yet. We have a lovely home here in Australia, so I would want something very nice.
So if you could let me know what areas you think we might like and what sort of budget we should ask for.
Thanks for all your help.

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