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FIBRAFOIL – Car Wrapping

FibraFoil´s high quality foil wrapping systems allows you to create that unique look for your car whilst protecting its original paintwork from environmental abrasion and UV bleaching, therefore retaining the cars resale value.
Unlike paint the foil is effortlessly removed so you can customise your car again…..and again.

... FIBRASHIELD – Paint Protection

Shield your car from the elements with this high performance invisible protection foil that covers the cars bodywork without changing the colour. Long lasting and durable. Remove the foil and your bodywork is as new as the day you bought it.

FIBRAGUARD® – Window Tint

Professional window tinting foil available in a variety of shades and colours. Choose from dark films to protect your privacy and deter uninvited looks or reflective films to shelter your vehicles interior from overheating.

FIBRADESIGN® – Bespoke Designs

Get creative today!
Take advantage of our dedicated design team who can create you a unique design specific to your personal taste and styling needs. Digital design and printing work using unique special colours available with FibraDesign. Mix and match FibraFoil alongside FibraGuard to give you that added bespoke look.

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