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Broadband internet connection (Dubai)

Hi again everybody.

My move to Dubai is getting closer so I'm starting checking out prices for utilities such as mobile phone and broadband internet connections.
I've check both Du and Etisalat and charges seems incredibily high when compared to Italy - which I believe has some among the highest tarifs in Europe.
Etisalat charges 700AED/month for a 30Mbps connection, whereas in Italy I pay some 250AED/month for a 50Mbps connection.
It seemes even stranger when compared to mobile tariffs, which look much lower - again comparing with Italy, with the right combination of plans it looks like I could spend less calling Italy from Dubai with Etisalat than calling from Italy to Italy with my Italian provider.

Any suggestion on how to save money on this? maybe most apartments on rent come already with their broadband internet connection included so I have no need to worry?

thank you!

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