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Bulk shipping from UK to DUBAI (Dubai)


Im wondering if anyone has had any experiences with shipping some items in bulk from London to Dubai.
We are moving with our baby and I'm planning to ship many many many nappies from here (maybe 50 packs). It's my favourite brand and what works best with us. I also know nappies there are very expensive- Protected content per pack.

I also want to ship other things to keep us going in the begging like deodorants, some toiletries and aerosols, baby shampoos etc (in packs).

My concern is that customs may think these items are being sold so could cause an issue.

One other thing is our Christmas tree, is that allowed to enter a muslim country? I know it is being sold there. Also any Bibles we have and Christian materials, could this cause a problem as it may be prohibited.

Thank you

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