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Bulliadventure (Dubai)

Bulliadventure ... these are my humble self, German, nicknamed JJ, BJ Protected content , male, amateur saxophonist, full of energy, and adventurous ...

Since Protected content Ivangelyn... also named as Ivan, BJ Protected content , always laughing, smiling, and looking after us.

"blue baby" .. short "Bluee", BJ Protected content , just a steady blue, an absolutely reliable friend, and always comfortable on the road ...

and Nea, BJ Protected content , Labbi with unflagging enthusiasm and constantly urged to track down food and water.

Bluee (Earlier, orange) and me went in Protected content the south of France for an holiday, during this time we got the idea to do a world tour together. Which starts as an idea and maybe a little dream has now become reality. I was saving, planning, and restoring Bluee... not only him also me... ;-)

After a preparatory period of nine months, we already made a lot of experiences during the preparations and contacts to fascinating and helpful people for our journey.

'Since Protected content we are on the road and we have already experienced many adventures which you can follow on Protected content our website (normely it but was changed due to the unusual spelling, new design coming soon). Again and again we stopped at various Charitie organizations and offered our support, our manpower, which was gladly taken.

With this T-shirt our first self-designed product enters the market, which gives great interest to all stations that we passed by. Bulli Adventure T-shirts were sold in 14 different countries wherever we stopped. Of the revenue, various kinds of charity organisations were financially supports which were on our Route, or on the place where we were just staying.

With this T-shirt you do not hold only something unique and artful in your hands, it is also an expression of willingness to help and support, many against poverty in our world.

But now we want more. We want to sell those shirts everywhere... on the street, in stores, Boutiques, markets, or events. Everyone has to know, that Bulliadventure is on tour around the world for good. And everybody has to know, that who is wearing a bulliadventure shirt is doing something to change poor peoples life. We are not a charity organisation, but we will look behind those organisations and proof before, if we want to support them or not. Our concern is to give something to people who need it. We are travelling around the world, and where ever we stop and see there is help needed, we will help. Manpower or financially.

Since October Protected content are in Dubai, and we used this time to create more Designs, a special design is the Bulliadventure-Dubai shirt. Which is only available here in Dubai. And we are going to create those shirts for all destinations where we will stop.

Orders for the T-Shirts can be placed at Protected content , also inquiries of stores or companies are most welcome. Every month we will provide a sheet about our activities we did.

For our trip we are still looking for sponsorships too. Any kind is most welcome. Our next destination will be Iran, Pakistan, India.
Before leaving Dubai, we would like to do an Event for a charity and swim to the World Islands. To set a SIGN, that we humans are all one. We are all on one World, so We should live together in peace respect each other and help if people needs it.

Order today and help us .... help

Your team Bulli-Adventure
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