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Business Peoples in Dubai

During the year of Protected content over the world, running to manage CREDIT CRUNCH and thousands of Business people lost their business and went to street. Among this, one victim is facing the legal issue until now in Dubai. He was a businessperson, lost the business, and have no money to pay his dues and house rent etc., the final check for house rent Protected content to be paid. The Real Estate People filed a case against him. The Victim contacted the Real Estate People pay Protected content and Protected content to pull back the cases (ADDIONAL Protected content DELAY PAYMENTS) and both of them agreed. As per agreed the Real Estate people withdraw case. Actually the real estate people when withdraw the case, they should have return back the Protected content check. However, they refused to return it. Because of they did not return the cheque the victim also refused to pay Protected content , which he issue the checks. Again, the Real Estate people file a case against the victim for Protected content old and new checks. Court make a judgment on victim for three months jail term. Now the victim is ready to pay Protected content balance but Court Need to pay Protected content meet the jail term. Where is the justice in Dubai?

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