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business question (Dubai)

Hello New to any forum so this is my first ever thread.
Have been to Dubai on several occasions a few times for business and a couple of times just to visit, so I certainly do not know the territory that well. Have been asked to move to Dubai by my company to look into opening a branch there.
My original notion was to find out about cost of living, rental prices, best areas to live, how to get around etc.etc. but I can find out all that by reading previous posts.
So todays question is business related.
We are an automotive company and we are looking to open a valeting and detailing business in Dubai, we will also include SMART repair which repairs small to medium holes and tears in plastics vinyl and leather alongside repairing scuffed alloy wheels and small paintwork damage.
I know this business is not new to Dubai, my question is what area do you think this will work best. I have been looking around Al Quoz and Ras Al Khor but really I do not know the areas that well and wondered where the valeting services the expats use are located and if anyone has any opinion on areas that may be best. I would also be interested in your opinion of this type of business is there something new you would like to see and any good or bad experiences you have had when having your cars cleaned.
Thank you

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