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Can Somebody Help me? (Dubai)

I took my Mishka, a turkish, odd-eyed cat, off the streets two months ago. She has a knack of drawing people very close to her because she has a loving personality. She is very cuddly, very sweet, playful, and pretty smart for a cat. She is all white, except for tinges of color on her ears and tail, and specks of it on her forehead. She has given me so much love and being alone in the UAE, away from the family, she can fill that void in me. Now I have to give her up because my staff accommodation mate is very allergic to cats. And I can not put her back on the streets. I simply can not. I'm seeking InterNations friends' help to adopt her as she needs much love the way she gives one. She will make you very happy, that I am sure. Please help?

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