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Can you put a price on your life? (Dubai)

The answer is YES - So, why haven't you?

Did you know that the breadwinners of the average household have not made arrangements to protect their family and home should they tragically not return from work one day?

Did you know that the costs that a family must bear if a relative dies on the other side of the world from home, can run into thousands of dirhams?

Families are usually unprepared for the bureaucracy and red tape of getting the paperwork, organising the embalming, or sending the body home—all in the middle of grieving for a loved one.

It’s a statistical fact that 1 in 3 of us will get Cancer, yet we always think ‘It won’t happen to me’

The person's accounts are frozen and visa is cancelled—leaving the dependants without enough money for survival and forced to leave the country. The court may take months, if not years, to distribute the person's estate. Those that do not set aside a lump sum of money behind for the family leave behind a knot of financial problems for their family to sort.

Dying in Dubai is expensive: families must start saving money and preparing for the death of a loved one to avoid financial and legal problems after the event.

This is not even taking into consideration of the loss of the main income, cost of the mortgage, the cost of childcare, future education fees for your children – basically your entire future could crumble and your family could effectively end up living close to the poverty line.

Cash in the bank should not be your answer – it doesn’t last forever.

It amazes me that some people think that £80 per month for Sky TV is far more important than contributing towards a Life Assurance plan. Coronation Street will not financially protect the loved ones you have left behind.

Please contact me for free advice on how to create your own financial plan that is tailor made to meet all of your circumstances and requirements – it’s easier than you think.

Adele-Louise Bolton - Financial Consultant for PIC deVere Group
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