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Career search (Dubai)

After searching for a role in Dubai for over a year, here are some observations I have made below. I have spent three months staying in Dubai as well as travelling back and forth meeting people.

-) LinkedIn is a great tool but LinkedIn jobs is quite hit and miss. How many Protected content of applications must they get per role? The same applies for, GulfTalent etc... Unless you have very niche experience and the role is quite specific, I have never had much luck with these.
-) Recruitment agents can be helpful but they tell me on average they see 20,000 CVs a month. Make sure you have a good cover letter short and to the point. The CV needs to keep them reading as they will read the first half of it if you are lucky and it will either be deleted or they will carry on.
-) Any UAE/ GCC experience is def. useful no matter how remote.
-) It seems networking is the only way of finding something. It probably won't be best job at first but def. a start.
-) Before visiting make sure you have appointments booked in advance and attend as many networking events as possible.

It's a difficult choice move to Dubai with no job or try and get something remotely? I can't comment but I know without a job Dubai is getting very expensive. As Dubai matures there a lot more local talent in the city and the need to hire overseas lessens.

Good luck but perseverance is the key. I am still searching but still optimistic.

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