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Coming back to Dubai after 5 years...

We have moved back to Europe from Dubai in Protected content after 5 years decided to go back for a visit.

Would you have any recommendation we should surely do, something which is new and should be mandatory after 5 years?

Based on an online taxi calculation tool it seems that the cab prices went up a lot. Greens to Dubai Airport is around Protected content now one way (was 50 AED in Protected content . Can this be true?

As we not only want to visit the touristic spots bus also want to travel around and make nostalgic drives we thought to rent a car but are a bit unsure about the providers. Do you know any companies we should avoid or would have a good recommendation?
What about the petrol prices? We just heard at the Dubai Online Radio about the announcement of petrol prises for October. Is this a topic now? As far as I remember that never really was a discussion.

Is the outlet mall still any good?

How is the safety? Is it still valid that you can leave your car with stuff in it at a parking and no one would even bother about it?

Is the Sufou (Sunset Secret) Beach still accessible?

Sorry for my thousands of questions but really thankful for any response.


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