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Costs of living in Dubai


Hello all,

I am asked to move to Dubai by my employer for some years.

I know what they will be paying me but I have no idea what the general costs of living are in Dubai. Is there somewhere some information available that can help me.

I am looking for costs of renting a apartment/flat/house, car, utilities like water, gas, Electra , mobile, Internet and food per month.

Of course. I know you make everything as expensive as you want but for a normal life. Because I want to keep my house in the Netherlands so I have a place to go back in a few years ( or never if I like Dubai very much) .

I am single and not looking for a big house as start. Few rooms and balcony. Swimming pool would be too expensive I guess.

If this is question is there an average amount in AED per month that should be enou for a normal life?

Maybe this question are to specific for a little more info would help me to make a decision this weekend.

Thanks in advance

Patrick Niehot
Netherlands and Dutch, English speaking

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