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Dating in Dubai

I am lucky enough to have my family with me here in Dubai. My 2 older sisters, their husbands and my beautiful nieces who attend JESS. I also have my beloved mother here with me. She is a Yoga and Pilates enthusiast and, just like me, enjoys the odd glass(bottle) of wine every now and then. She is so physically fit, it is hard for her to find friends her age who want to go camping and walking and swimming with her. Most of them want to play bridge or knit (haha)

My heart breaks for her as it is so difficult to find a group of friends in Dubai as a single “older” woman, let alone to date. Most of the older generation I know of are all married with families and have little time to get to know a “NEW” friend.
My mother is always busy, if she is not teaching her classes, she is running around after her grandchildren and spends heaps of time with her family.

She will kill me if she know I had posted this about her, but I’d like to know if there is anything you can recommend to get her meeting people her own age on a more social level.

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