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Day time activities (Dubai)

Hi all,

I am a 24 yr old from Scotland, and I have just come over to Dubai two weeks ago. My husband works everyday and is currently working on my sponsorship, which means I cannot work myself yet. We also are in temp accommodation. Basically, I have no contacts here, no job and no house so spend ever day alone! I haven't been in a situation yet where I have met anyone for long enough to consider socialising and I am exhausting my options quickly in terms of solo activities to fill my days.

Firstly, I would love the opportunity to meet girls/women my age who could potentially be my first friend! I'm more interested in lunching/brunching/shopping etc. rather than clubbing

Secondly , any suggestions on lively, young book clubs would make my day as I have been reading A LOT and my husband doesn't read, its driving me crazy.

And third, any interesting ideas for activities within the city accessible by metro that are cheap and cheerful for solo visits?

Any help would be great! Thank you

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