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Depression / Stress and ways to fight :) (Dubai)



Everyone has been up and posting something or the other, so i decided to add a bit to the community with something which might be a little useful to people reading this or contributing to this.

We are far away from home, alone in this city, no one to turn to, all by yourself or maybe lonely at time which causes some level of depression / stress.

So, my thread is about fighting the depression / stress, and ways to kill it.

For example, when i am depressed, i have ways to fight it - sometimes i go shopping (LOL If i have the money), or go out for a movie, skip work, or even play a friendly match on my PS4.

Whats your way? :) Can be anything from wild or crazy to simple and nothing :)

So lets hear it out

And pleeeeease no one gives me a BS that they dont suffer depression or stress - its oxygen, everyone has it.

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