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Downpayments (Dubai)

I was planning to purchase a property for quite some time now, I just had to wait and see what the hell is going on with the property market in the UAE as it is clearly that we are living another bubble although everyone is saying that's not the case!

Anyhow, I believe this bubble will burst after expo Protected content , if we are lucky enough, so it's still reasonable enough now to buy property!

Now my problem is with the downpayment requirements! I noticed many owners/developers already started asking for 30% downpayment per the central bank mandate!

To me, unfortunately I can't get a personal load to cover for the downpayment, and I don't want to freeze any cash I have all in one place.

So the question is to real estate agents! are there any tricks or workaround to avoid putting the downpayment and load it all to the mortgage?

I did this with my car, so I thought there might be a similar trick with properties.

Any thoughts?


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