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Emirates Cards used to track jaywalkers??? (Dubai)

I've heard stories of Asian expats being held at the airport for jaywalking fines. They weren't informed that they were fined, they just got surprised to know that they have to pay the fines before they could go on vacation. So that means whether you are on wheels or on foot, you are not safe from paying? What could be the next case---RECKLESS WALKING? These are usually the ones who take the buses--the ordinary workers of Dubai---the waiters, the maids, labourers, salesladies, etc. Why can't they send a text message informing them that they had made a mistake? Or is it a snaky tactic on unsuspecting expats?

Just yesterday we saw a Western guy in suit crossed the road near the Karama Post Office and we were speeding down. We realized that he jumped over the fence and avoided the overpass. I'm sure he would get fined too.

Does anybody have any first hand experience on this?

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