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employee rights (Dubai)

Dear everyone,

Good day!

Kindly assist me with my confusion. I just want to know what are the right of an employee after he/she finish the contract. I come to know that some company doesn't give gratuity, return home ticket and worse is that they don't give the passport immediately and the employee have hard time chasing the employer.

There are also instances that employer cancelled the employee without further information and will only advice the employee when the due date or the duration of stay is nearly expire. Let me tell you one situation (base on my current situation) which i deeply require your assistance.

As per the labor it expires on the 6th of June (labor card not given to us), and my contract expire on 6th July Protected content . I wont renew and i advice my employer 6 months earlier before the contract expire. First week on June he told me to sign the cancellation for labor as it will expire but he strongly tell me that i can work till my visa and till the validity of my contract. I was shock when he call me in his office (June 6, Protected content telling me that i don't need to go office the following day. I ask the reason and he told me so i can find anew job. But then the following day i went to office and explain to him that i need the work as i am supporting my family back home. Also Its Ramadan time so its hard to find job still he insist that i don't need to come, he said "that's not my concern". And they immediately delete my bio-metric record so that i could no longer enter the office. For these Ramadan time i suffer stress and pain (sick and no proper sleep) as thinking how to survive here without salary, i have expenses and also need to support my family back home. I tried my best to apply here and there.

Then these 27th day of June (afternoon) i receive message from the colleague as he send to me the cancellation paper. it shows that they cancel me on 1st of June and i can stay only until June 30 which means i have only 3 days left. Its really stressful for me to plan for exit specially because i don't have money to pay my ticket. When i request my boss to give me return home ticket he refuse and told me arrange by your self and he keeps my passport he doesn't want to give. He told me he will give my passport in the airport on the time that i show him my ticket.

I am not that bold and strong enough to fight with him even though i know i have the right. Can any one advice or either help me to sort out these issue regarding my boss. I do appreciate for any once urgent response as my time is running out.

Thanks and hoping for some update to anyone

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