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Employment in Education, Real Estate and Sales (Dubai)

Having spent over 7 years in an office environment in the UK, during which time I have had several positions of increasing responsibility, I have also taught English to people on a voluntary basis in a day centre. I am highly motivated to take my experiences aboard to a company that corresponds to my core values of inclusion, opportunity and continually striving to improve staff. This is an outstanding career opportunity as I am passionate about cars and I firmly believe that I have the transferable skills and attributes, which will encourage the company to continually develop and encourage others to do so.

I have an excellent record of outstanding quality and quantity of work and inter-personal skills. This is noted in consistently good to outstanding observations with a recent being an outstanding from the line manager and service manager. My work as an experienced member of my current department has put me in a natural position to guide and mentor less experienced staff. I have been involved in taking a lead role in the development of policy and procedure in the department. This involves recommending changes to systems such as software and changes to filing systems. I have a commitment to engaging in continuing professional development and will ensure that any useful knowledge is passed onto the department I work with.

I have been taking lead roles in many projects and programmes in my current department, which has shaped the department. This spans across my department and other departments around the hospital. I have been a key player in contributing to the development of the Referral Management Centre. I have worked with middle leaders to develop the way referrals are processed. This requires myself and two other colleagues to write quality ideas and plans for the short, medium and long term that ensure results, challenging concepts and progression with other departments. The work has been praised for excellent planning and delivery and this is currently being shared with other departments around the hospital.

I believe that my record of outstanding practices of management and supervising in the UK puts me in a great position to take my experiences abroad. My experiences of leading programmes and continuing to seek additional sources to improve my practice are certainly something that I will be looking for within a team.

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