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Enterpreneur discussions (Dubai)

Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of starting a biweekly or monthly meeting for people who are either already entrepreneurs or thinking /planning to start some entrepreneurial projects ! The idea is to brain storm , share experiences , exchange contacts, make connections and support each other and learn ! We can discuss real life success stories or may be discuss topics of interest to all the members !

I am posting this thread initially to know how many people are interested to attend such meetings , what format they think the meeting should take or what objective should the meeting have .

I'm at this stage looking for feedback on the below points so I would be happy to receive any suggestions :

1- what would be a good objective for an enterpreunerial meeting ?
2- how many active entrepreneurs and people preparing to be entrepreneurs interested in this meeting ?
3- how frequent could this meeting occur ?
4- how could this meeting support entrepreneurs?

I'm open to any ideas or discussions !

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