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Entrance (Dubai)

After months of being away and ample amount of suggestions and recommendations to friends,colleagues club associates etc. who have asked where should they go, I usually suggest they give Makihi a try (family is in Hawaii) and I like the name. Though I personally have not been myself thought "Let's give it a go" so I phoned up a girlfriend to plan a Tuesday ladies night. When it was near time to head out, I dressed to impressed! wore a beautiful blue strapless dress, accessorized it with a gorgeous gold tone tear drop necklace by Ralph Laurence, top that off with diamond earrings and killer heels by Carlos Santana. By 9:00 PM, haled my usually Lexus taxi outside my building and was on my way to meet a friend. Walked to the entrance, was greeted by a man in a white shirt Alexsander was the name he told and whom I later was also told was the manager, asked if we had a reservation, to which I replied no, then I was told Mahiki was full!! Really?? I'm incredibly impressed! Full at 9:30? Wow!! We can hang around until 11PM to get in he says.. Are you mad? After our discussion with this arrogant man, I phoned the club directly and asked it they were full tonight along with, is a reservation required? to which I was told "NO".. Wow!! First time in my life I was denied entry to anywhere. How embarrassing and thank GOD there were no other potential guest around. While I was on the phone, a friend walked to the entrance where some slutty dressed ladies whose dresses were so short that my shortest shorts would loose in a contest stood, asked if they had reservations, to which they replied no.. a few seconds later, the arrogant man lets them in.

In conclusion... When going to Mahiki, ladies are not allowed entry but sluts and prostitutes are welcome.

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