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Environmental Compliance Requirements -Emirates (Dubai)


It is our privilege to introduce to you our company. We have been the leader in the industry for Environmental Consultancy services for more than a decade, mainly catering the United Arab Emirates of the Arabian Peninsula.

GCEC offers inspections, testing, investigation and advice to customers through an unrivalled range of technical expertise an accredited services such as Environmental Studies (Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Preliminary Environmental Review (PER), Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) etc.), and Environmental Monitoring (Air, Dust, Noise, Gas Emission, Laboratory Testing etc.) for your Health & Safety requirements of your projects within the Emirates. We are consistently providing the best service and the highest quality at reasonable price.

Our Services
includes but are not limited to the following:

A. Environmental Studies
1. Protected content Impact Assessment (EIA)
Protected content Impact Assessment Summary
Protected content Impact Assessment Report
2. Protected content Environmental Review (PER)
3. Protected content Dispersion Modeling (ADM)
4. Protected content Environment Management Plan (CEMP)
5. Protected content Environment Management Plan (OEMP)
6. Protected content Environment Management Plan (DEMP)

B. Environmental Monitoring & Testing Services
1. Protected content & Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
2. Protected content Monitoring/ Particulate Matters
3. Protected content Emission/ Stack Monitoring
4. Protected content Emission Monitoring
5. Protected content Intensity Monitoring
6. Protected content Monitoring
7. Protected content Monitoring
8. Protected content Data Monitoring
9. Protected content Testing outsourced to one of our channel partners for Waste Water Analysis, Potable/ Drinking Water Analysis & other Microbiological Analysis of Food & Bacteria.
10. Protected content Monitoring
11. Protected content Field Monitoring
12. Protected content of Air conditioning and heating system
13. Protected content Testing
14. Protected content Occurring Radio Active Material (NORM) Testing. Protected content

C. Environmental Inspection
D. Health & Safety Consultancy
E. Carbon Foot Printing
F. Sustainability Solutions
G. Waste Management and Audit
H. ISO Consultancy

for inquiries email me at Protected content . Thank you!

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