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Facebook group in Dubai be careful

I just had a bad experience with a Facebook group in Dubai. Someone was talking about a topic, I gave the right info and at that time some people interfere to give the wrong one for personal interests. Be careful who created the group and for which purpose. People do not spend their time just to entertain. So in fact, I understood there was a personal interest, like the guy was trying to sell something, and so I deleted my messages because I thought well poor guy he is trying to sell something. But I got deleted from the group immediately and I feel concerned because some people genuinely trust those groups, and ask for infos, and think it is friendly people taking time, when in fact they got the wrong information for commercial purposes.

I tried to talk with this man who created the group but he would not even talk or answer which is very Napoleon but as well very commercial.

So if you had this kind of bad experience contact me and maybe we can think about something.

But as well it made me think about Internations which does not have any of this kind of personal interests and which you should use more than some Facebook groups.

Be careful those groups might have something to sell you. Like a product, or their own business, and pretend to invite you for coffees and restaurants when in fact you are just a client or a potential client but not a real friend.

Of course not all the FB groups do sell something, a lot are genuine, and the ones which officially are for sell and buy are Ok. It is not about sell and buy. It is groups which are offering a kind of solidarity between nationalities, or hobbies. Be careful the real purpose is to sell you something. Like for example telling that this insurance is the cheapest in town when in fact they own the insurance or have commissions.

On Internations it cannot happen because Internations does not sell something and lots of people would participate.

But me they deleted me because they were scared I could inform. It is awful because it is a group which is supposed to be friendly and where you are supposed to get a genuine information.

What is awful is without me on this group so the wrong info will be dispatched again and again without any moderation.

I never thought about it as I always genuinely trusted this group. I never realized people not telling this and this or telling this and this were purely and simply deleted. I never realized there was a filter.

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